Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Robert MoungerRobert Mounger
Passed 1st time with Emile
Emile is patient, calming, knowledgeable, and progressive. Very friendly and flexible. So understanding and makes the complicated simple. So patient, I couldn't ask for a better instructor. I have had 4 instructors and 2 fails before. 1 month with Emile and I passed with 2 minors. I can't recommend him more.

Bryan TeznaBryan Tezna
Passed 1st time :)
I would highly recommend Emile. He was a fantastic instructor. Very patient and very good at explaining things. He takes time at explaining so you understand it fully. His calm, relaxed, and patient energy transmits to you and makes you feel relax and comfortable. I have to say thank you very much Emile.

Riya NarwanRiya Narwan
Passed 1st time :)
Emile has an excellent way of teaching. He is a very good driving instructor. Very calm and patient. He has helped me a lot to grow my confidence in driving. He is extremely professional.

Vu Tuan TranVu Tuan Tran
Hooray got the pass
Emile is a great instructor. He sets a very high standard for his students. Learning with him, I very quickly learned all the necessary skill for safe driving. But I also learnt the techniques for the exam. He kept you calm and cool in the lessons. Highly recommended for new students. On the LDC workbook / notes, we didn't need to use much as I preferred the learning to be through instruction.

Matthew Robert BulgenMatthew Robert Bulgen
Passed 1st time :)
Emile is a calm and collective man and he brings these traits to every lesson. He speaks calmly and respectfully taking time to deal with every issue. He endeavours to keep his students calm and reinforcing appropriate driving techniques. When we started, I was incredibly anxious behind the wheel. Now I'm calm and collective and that's thanks to Emile. I have already recommended him to all my friends and family. Thank you so much for what you have given me.

Kaysha ClausKaysha Claus
No hesitation recommending Emile
Emile, my instructor was very good in terms of explaining how to drive safely. I felt very comfortable and well prepared when coming to the test. The Driving Skills workbook was very helpful as it allowed me to reflect on what improvements I needed to make to drive safer. I really learned a lot from Emile. He would always take the time to explain things properly. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone learning to drive.

Yetunde Akwe KingsleyYetunde Akwe Kingsley
Passed 1st time with me :)
Emile was the best man for the job. As an experienced driver, I had been driving for over 10 years before migrating to the UK. But unfortunately I failed my first driving test. I met Emile and, I am here today, as happy as I can ever be with my pass certificate just after 5 lessons! It us a miracle and Emile did his magic. He was calm and cool during all lessons. He identified all my weaknesses and channelled them into great strengths. I was sceptical from my first performance, I was scared, but Emile eased all my worries. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. He is my God sent. Thank you so much Emile for all your efforts. I will never take it for granted.

Benaiah DemdamBenaiah Demdam
Passed 1st time :)
Emile is a very polite and friendly driving instructor. He has helped for many months on learning hours to be a safe driver with every lesson done. He is able to identify any fault that I may or may not have identified and through discussing them I can learn what needs to be done to overcome the problem(s). The LDC driving school has been a big help for me. I would highly recommend Emile as a driving instructor if you want to pass your driving test first time. I would highly recommend to make good use of the LDC workbook and student hub as they can help you learn well the lessons it has to offer. The videos on the student portal and the quiz questions on the workbook are very helpful to name a few. Thank you very much Emile for the many lessons we had!

Goksu HadleyGoksu Hadley
Hooray got the pass
Emile has been a great instructor to me from the beginning. I had different instructors before him so I can compare how good and different he is. He is very knowledgeable, extremely patient, friendly and always very helpful. Even though his main aim is to help us pass our practical test ,he actually teaches driving skills that will last for life. So, you can drive anywhere in any circumstances. This knowledge has changed everything about driving to me. I cannot thank him enough for this. I recommend him to anyone who wants to pass their exams and learning driving skills for life. He also supports us with resources, such as books and helpful links.

Alice NguyenAlice Nguyen
Passed 1st time :)
Finding Emile was one of the best lucks I have had during my driving journey. The other one was PASSING THE TEST FIRST TIME!!! He is super helpful, patient, calm, and STRICT in a good way. The teaching approach is very comprehensive understandable. I'm sure if you stick to what he teaches and do your homework (reflections, etc.) you will pass in no time!!! 😀 You're rated 5+ stars. Thank you Emile 😀

Patrick CashmanPatrick Cashman
Passed 1st time :)
I found the structured lessons very helpful to my style of learning. The online content in the student hub further helped me consolidate what I have gone over in lessons. Emile, my instructor, calm demeanour helped me enjoy and look forward to each lesson. I feel I have learned to drive in a way that is safe and economical. No hesitation in recommending Emile to anyone learning to drive.

Alexandrea KennedyAlexandrea Kennedy
Passed 1st time :)
I passed my test first time at Sidcup Test Centre with Emile. He is very patient and understanding with new drivers. Couldn't recommend him enough to anyone who is looking to drive.

Helen RaudseppHelen Raudsepp
Passed 1st time :)
Emile has the patience of a Saint! He has the ability to calmly and clearly explain what to do and why. Tacking into accounts his students learning style, he has tailored his teaching style accordingly. Thank you very much for helping me pass.

Adaugo LuguterahAdaugo Luguterah
Passed 1st time :)
Emile is a patient, great teacher, takes his time to teach. He does not teach to pass but to produce a safe driver even after pass. Best teacher I have had who does not make me feel like I was asking stupid questions.

Charles BranonCharles Branon
Passed 1st time
Emile was great throughout my lessons. He made sure I was booked for the same time every week. He went over everything consistently to better help me with my test and make me so much more confident on the road. No hesitation in recommending him to any learner.

Nikki EtminaniNikki Etminani
Passed 1st time with zero driving faults 😀
Great thanks to Emile for training me and helping me to pass and be a safe driver. I was provided with an LDC workbook and student hub which helped in my theory and practical tests. I was able to pass with zero faults and was congratulated by my examiner. He was very impressed. My practice lessons were very practical and comfortable. Emile is calm and collective. And as I am a nervous driver he has been able to support me throughout my driving journey. Despite being a nervous driver I still scored 10/10, a perfect score 👌 👍 😎 👏 🙌 😅

Shaun SykesShaun Sykes
Passed 1st time :)
Emile is an excellent instructor, calm, patient, and very knowledgeable. He emphasises the safety aspects brilliantly. He uses an excellent method with easy to follow learning method, broken down very well for easy understanding and progression. The LDC workbook was a great accompaniment to the practical lessons. Highly recommend Emile.

Griseldo RuciGriseldo Ruci
Passed 1st time :)
Emile has given me a great experience polishing my driving. The examiner commented on the smooth and safe driving experience when in the car with me. This is thanks to my instructor's persistent emphasis on following the correct routines all the time everytime. I got on very well with Emile. His patience and dedication to produce safe and competent new generation drivers clearly inspired me to work hard and achieve good result. I have never felt worried when driving with him. He allows me to make mistakes and ask me to analyse them and think of solutions. Then get me to repeat until comfortable with the outcome. He always discusses the plan with me and I'm always involved and given the responsibility for my own progress. Emile's aim was to develop my knowledge and driving experience of traffic rules and road safety so I'm well-prepared for my future driving on my own. He is so friendly and driving with him is really enjoyable. He is a good teacher who produce well taught and responsible drivers. I have no hesitation to recommend Emile as a driving instructor to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Many thanks Emile for helping me to pass first time in Erith.

Mursal Mursal
I have really enjoyed my lessons
I would highly recommend Emile to anyone learning to drive. He has been so patient, kind, and supportive during my lessons. He has really stressed the importance on M.S.P.S.L. as well as safe and legal driving. Thus helped me to focus on these two things whilst driving. The student centred learning LD system has been helpful when learning to drive especially watching the videos before the lessons. The lessons reflection have been an excellent tool in order to determine my strengths and weaknesses, to improve and rectify the mistakes fir future lessons. Emile really taught me to take the reflections on board whilst driving which made me feel more of a confident driver. Thank you again for your patience. I have really enjoyed my lessons with my instructor and have gained confidence in the road with life long driving skills.

Rafael YonutRafael Yonut
Passed 1st time :)
I had a fantastic experience learning to drive with instructor Emile. His patience and clear instructions really helped me build confidence behind the wheel. He created a comfortable and safe learning environment, which was crucial for me as a beginner. Emile's extensive knowledge of traffic rules and road safety ensured that I was well-prepared for my driving test. I greatly appreciate his dedication to teaching and his friendly demeanour, making every lesson enjoyable. Thanks to Emile, I not only learned to drive skilfully but also developed a strong sense of responsible driving. I wholeheartedly recommend Emile as a driving instructor to anyone looking for a top-notch learning experience.

Passed 1st time
I’m very happy to pass first time with only 2 minors. Emile has provided me with many useful resources and driving tips which helped me a lot in my driving. He always pushed me to do my best with each lesson and always came up with solutions to any issues well before the lesson was over. He's a very observant individual and always picks up on issues and faults to brush them up before the tests which meant that on test day I wasn’t nearly as nervous and was able to pass with flying colours!! Overall, I would highly recommend Emile to anyone who want to learn on manual car. Thank you very much for teaching me how to analyse my driving moving forward.

Saad SaleemSaad Saleem
Passed 1st time :)
Emile, my driving instructor, was really amazing. He knew his stuff, always acted professional, and made sure I was getting it right every step of the way. Emile spotted a few bad habits I had, the sort that could've easily made me fail my test. But thanks to him, I worked through them. The best part was that he didn't just train me for the usual routes, he trained me for all sorts of roads and situations. And guess what? I passed my test the first time around with just a few minors, even though the route was totally new to me. So, if you're looking for a top-notch driving instructor, Emile's your guy. He's not just good at his job, he goes the extra mile to make sure you're ready for whatever comes your way on the road. Thanks to him, I feel confident and safe driving anywhere. Trust me, you won't regret choosing him. 5 stars for you Emile.

Passed 1st time :)
Couldn't ask for a better instructor. Emile helped me pass and taught me so much staff I didn't know before. He helped boost my confidence as I don't test well! Passed first time with him at Hither Green. Only 2 minors.

Jordan P.Jordan P.
Passed 1st time :)
Emile is an excellent instructor, very clear and understanding when instructing. Also very patient and made me feel comfortable and confident during my lessons. Passed first time.

Declan PowerDeclan Power
Passed 1st time :)
Emile is a very nice person. Always on time, clear with instructions and a good teacher. Never misses anything out to make sure you pass your test and continue to drive in the future as safe as possible.